Wednesday, 3 February 2010

i sneeze on that suggestion

English was uber cool today...both times xD
analysing superb poetry-ness-ism *that just reminded me...will owes me poetry...>:[* and then watching romeo and juliet *totally cool** ...has paul rudd in it-love him :D

i hate having a cold. fecking sucks.
when you're ill and you have a nose as big as mine you get through a feck-load of tissues :S bleurgh. lovely. thought i'd share that with you cuz i'm generous 0:) *that's supposed to be a halo on the smiley's head btw*
wahey 'tis sweeeeeeeeet caroline's b'day this saturday and the parsnip's b'day tomorrow *hazaaaaaaaaar*
Robert's older by a half hour...he was born on a sunday at 3.24 am and Will lazed by at 3.54am...I can't help but think of how inconsiderate they were to their poor mother; depriving her of her well-deserved sunday lie-in like that-so mean.
anyhooble-i must do...stuff and then...other...stuff so i should go soon.


ARRRRRRRGH get out of my head!!! ARGH >:[

love 'n' junk

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