Thursday, 26 November 2009

I keep spinning.

I keep spinning and whilst the world whirrs and whilst the world blurrs all i see is you. i keep spinning and though i'm feeling sick i can't stop myself. or the fragments of my hearts that beat within me. i can't stop. i can hope and pray but i can't stop. i keep spinning. just watch as i turn, i'm hopeless. i won't learn. i keep spinning. my breaths are as shallow as the ripples upon the pond of my perspective yet i keep spinning. my hands are trembling like lost and torn pages of my life's story caught in the raging grasp of the wind. yet i keep spinning. i keep spinning. i. keep. spinning. I. KEEP. SPINNING.


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  2. "Kach mee im falling"

    What you want US to do about it?

  3. oh, excuse me. it should be "meee"