Tuesday, 24 November 2009

There's a rumble,
In the jungle,
And it's rumbling along,
Rumbling in the jungling in the day.

There's a jungle in the rumble,
And it's jungling along,
If I was a nerd,
I'd say 'Wahey!'.

There's a rumble,
(There's a rumble)
In the jungle,
(In the jungle)
And nobody knows what it is,
And even though the two words don't rhyme,
I can still make a poem about it.

There's a jungle,
In the jungle,
In the jungling rumbling bumble,
And to stumble up the humble would be bad.

For the rumbling,
In the jungling,
In the jungle of the rumble,
Mr. Gumble finds it all rather sad.

There's a rumble,
In the jungle,
I know,
It's an earthquake.

Quite a lot of people have died in it,
It's not funny.

1 comment:

  1. most definitely not funny; you're quite right.